Quick shoulder workout

Quick shoulder workout

If you are ever running short on time, I think the muscle group of being trained the fastest is shoulders. You can tear up some supersets without having to adjust much weight or machinery. Try this workout and let me know how killer the pump was. This can be easily completed between 30-45 minutes if you push yourself.

3x10-15 for each exercise

-Side lateral raises *superset with* side partials

-Cable upright rows *superset with* front cable raises

-Behind the neck barbell presses *superset with* front presses

-Rear delt dumbbell raises *superset with* shrugs *superset with* dumbbell calf raises

Don’t forget your cardio. Stair master that booty off!

Tag me in your stories @dreamweaveriv and @thetitanfuel when you get those shoulders good and pumped up!


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