Meet the Titan

Founder Bartley Weaver grew up in a small town but not contained by small goals. Bartley has trained with a purpose for the past 22 years setting him up with some out of this world opportunities. DreamWeaverFit was the first business Bartley started back in 2016. Thousands have gained knowledge and walked away with the tools to take control of their body.

Bartley was the Titan “Hyperion” for the Tennessee Titans in 2019-2020. Bartley took a shot of pre-workout every game before leading the Titans onto the field. Bartley’s passion for working out and supplements was an easy decision when it came to creating TFUEL. Bartley has been taking supplements for more than 16 years, and decided it was time to give back and create a product that could truly help the athlete.

From one Titan to the next! Bartley joined forces with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on NBC’s Season 2 of The Titan Games. The health and fitness lifestyle translated to success in the Titan Arena. Bartley set the record for one of the longest events ever in the Titan Arena. Bartley prides himself on health and fitness, and was very grateful to display his passion on NBC.

Since competing on the Titan Games, Bartley also achieved IFBB Pro status in the classic physique division. Bartley has competed in 5 pro shows since 2021, and earned points for the Olympia by placing at the San Diego Pro in 2022.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Bartley is also a professional competitive eater. Bartley is currently ranked 16th in the world with Major League Eating. Bartley just made his debut at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN July 4th finishing 7th in the world. Bartley is also the first person to ever be pro in both bodybuilding and eating!

It's your story. Write it how you want! Use these resources, products, and services to improve your life. We pride ourselves on customer service, and we do our best to show our appreciation to all of the amazing fans and athletes around the world. Bartley and the team would like to thank you for visiting our online store. We've got your back when you're ready to crush some goals!